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It’s the Condition of Your Heart…

Something my husband said to me the other night began to make a lot of sense.

He said:

What matters is the condition your heart is in when you make your choices.

We were talking about how it really all comes down to choice. The choice to follow Christ or not, the choice to love, the choice to walk in faith, the choice to either delight in Him or our idols.

God gave us free will and sin entered our hearts through the choices we made. But even when Adam and Eve sinned it was the condition of their heart that led them to make their choice to eat from the tree.

I was telling my husband that sometimes even the thought of having to make a choice can trip us up. I have often struggled with the fear that I would make the wrong choice so I made no choice at all…then my husband pointed out to me that not making a choice was my choice. The problem here was that I was choosing fear instead of faith, it was the condition of my heart that caused me not to choose. Even if I were to walk in faith and make the “wrong” choice His grace would cover me, if it wasn’t a sin.

Our choices are defined by what is in our heart. They are defined by what we desire. We put our time, thoughts, and efforts into what our heart says we want.

When we are delighted in Him our heart has chosen Christ and nothing else…

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